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Alpha Phi is a sisterhood of outstanding women supporting one another in lifelong achievement.

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Our Philanthropy & Events

Service and Philanthropy are cornerstones of our Alpha Phi and are truly close to our heart. As Alpha Phi’s, we hold and participate in many service activities to give back to our community, bettering ourselves and the place we call home. Our philanthropic efforts primarily focus on our Fraternity’s International cause, the Alpha Phi Foundation, which raises awareness and funds to research the number one killer of women in America—heart disease

In 1956, Alpha Phi was the first women’s fraternity to establish a foundation.  The Alpha Phi Foundation is dedicated to advancing leadership development, encouraging academic excellence, improving women’s heart health, supporting sisters in need and educating about the value of philanthropy. 

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Greek Open

In the Fall, we hold the Greek Open, a golf outing open to all members of the Greek community, as well as families and friends. Participants play 18 holes of golf while the Alpha Phi’s drive their golf cart and keeps score! Since our house is located on the Golf course, we typically hold a cookout for all participants!    


Red Dress Gala

Red Dress Gala is one of our favorite events of the year! Families, friends and alumnae are invited to spend a formal brunch to support women’s heart health. We hold a silent auction and live auction with amazing prizes including vacations homes, concert and sporting events tickets, etc., donated from the Alpha Phi’s families. We also have a cardiac care presentation that is given by a professional cardiologist.

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The week leading up to the event is just as fun! We host skip-a-meals, CPR training, and blood drives on campus to raise awareness. Each year our event gets bigger and better than before! 

Home Runs for Heart Health

Home Runs for Heart Health

Alpha Phi Delta Mu chapter is hosting our first annual Home Runs for Heart Health event this spring. Other Greek houses and organizations on campus are all invited to join our home run derby tournament. Our goal is to raise awareness and money for women's heart health while also bringing the community together for some competitive fun! 

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Community Service and More

Alpha Phi participates in service opportunities regularly at The Boys and Girls Club and also The YMCA in West Lafayette, IN. Our chapter spends time with the children at The Boys and Girls Club by participating in games, crafts, meals, and more. Our women love working with kids, which is why we also visit the YMCA. We volunteer at their Daddy Daughter Dance that they hold annually and love every minute of it!

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Supporting philanthropies of other organizations across campus is something we are also passionate about. Our chapter loves to use it as an chance to spend time with our sisters while also supporting a great cause!

Our Involvement

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